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We consciously contribute the benefits
of our collective practices to the well being
and evolution of our planet. Namaste
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YOGA on The Park

Located on Sherbrooke Street, in the heart of N.D.G., Montreal, YOGA On The Park is a bright spacious yoga studio overlooking Girouard Park. We offer a full schedule of group and private Kripalu and hatha yoga classes for all levels, specialty classes, workshops, country retreats, restorative yoga and a regular Sunday morning community meditation practice. We also have a small shop with many products to support your practice.


Classes of interest to all
Join the Sunday Morning Mindfulness Meditation sangha at YOP.
From 10:30-12:15

With Daryl Lynn Ross Buddhist meditation instruction for all levels will be offered. A 30 minute sitting (cushions and chairs provided) and a Dharma talk with discussion in a welcoming community of meditators. Also teachings on love and compassion. Your donation (dana) of $10-20 is requested to support the teacherís livelihood. A $5 donation is also requested for the upkeep of the studio.
Wednesdays 6:30-7:45

Warmups in the park, weather permitting

1. Who needs coffee. Energy boost from deep breathing lasts all day.
2."wow, I already did yoga today, Iím awesome."
3. you will have more chance of staying peaceful all day long
4. you will look younger, eyes brighter, skin glowing, stronger immunity
5. you can eat more that day, inc. metabolic rate
6. build a healthy consistent self care routine; better odds starting early
7. Regulates your sleep rhythm
Yoga on the Park - EVERYONE CAN//CHAIR YOGA A full benefit yoga experience for all ages, all shapes, all sizes. A safe, energizing class for those who have joint injury, are  recovering from illness, or simply want a gentle class.   Find the energy for all your activities! Increase your capacity for a freer more vibrant life! 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:15-12:30pm
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Upcoming Events

  4 Restorative Yoga Sundays
Yoga on the Park

Transform the Blahs into Bliss with Restorative Yoga. Deep rest and deep breathing counteract the effects of stress to the immune system with yoga poses that are completely supported with blankets , bolsters and cushions.Come and enjoy a nourishing afternoon of deep relaxation. No previous experience necessary.

All Welcome.
With Joanne Ransom

First one coming soon! Unfrazzle your September!

4 Sundays: September 20, October 18, November 15, December 13
2:00-4:00 PM $35. each or $120. for all 4

Contact YOGA on the Park to register


Meditation and Dharma classes

Yoga on the ParkThe 4 Noble or Liberating Truths, and how to bring these into our everyday lives 2000 years later and beyond. Join us for these 4 wonderful sessions of dharmateaching , insight meditation practice, and sangha/ supportive community with our beloved Pascal Auclair

September 23, November 4, December 2 and January 20 3:30-5:00
With Pascal Auclair
By donation


Yoga on the Park - Country Retreat Yoga and Insight Meditation

Partner yoga - solo, with friend or family, with business partner, or life partner - is for everyone

Partner yoga: hands-on training for cooperation and working with trust. Yoga experience not required. Come and enjoy!

With Julie Nadler and Malcolm McLean

Saturday, November 21, 2015
1:30pm to 4:00pm
$50 at the door, $40 in advance

Contact YOGA on the Park to register


Yoga on the Park - Country Retreat Yoga and Insight Meditation

Our popular annual retreat. Drawing upon the beauty of the natural setting this is an opportunity for you to go inward, spend reflective time with yourself, and connect with your center of insight and intuition. Yoga twice a day and instruction in Insight Meditation.  Nourishing vegetarian meals. In Sutton Qc.
With Joanne Gormley and Joanne Ransom

Oct. 2-4 2015 from $385 plus taxes
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Contact YOGA on the Park to register

  Holiday Potluck
Date: Dec. 20th 2015 Arrive for 6:00. Chanting begins at 6:30.

Yoga on the Park invites you, your family and friends to join with us in chanting, to keep the light of transformation burning as we enter the longest nights of the year. As a community, we offer the light of peace into the world. All welcome.
With Jayne and Stephanie
Date: Dec. 20th 2015
Arrive for 6:00. Chanting begins at 6:30.
Please bring a dish to share. Bring holiday food donation for the NDG food depot
  January Challenge
January Challenge
Date: TBA Arrive for 6:00. Chanting begins at 6:30.

off the couch and onto the mat, annual post holiday week of 2 hr. specialty classes with wonderful teachers. entails TBA. Jan 4-10, 2016
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