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We consciously contribute the benefits
of our collective practices to the well being
and evolution of our planet. Namaste
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YOGA on The Park
Located on Sherbrooke Street, in the heart of N.D.G., Montreal, YOGA On The Park is a bright spacious yoga studio overlooking Girouard Park. We offer a full schedule of group and private Kripalu and hatha yoga classes for all levels, specialty classes, workshops, country retreats, and a regular Sunday morning community meditation practice, from which we contribute to a variety of social programs.. We also have a small shop with many products to support your practice.
Classes of interest to all
Join the Sunday Morning Mindfulness Meditation sangha at YOP. Sessions begin with 30 minutes of lightly guided sitting meditation (cushion or chair). Instruction will be provided to newcomers to the practice prior to the sitting and any questions can be raised. Following the sitting, Claire will offer a talk on an aspect of the dharma drawn from the Mindfulness (Theravada Buddhist) tradition. Discussion is warmly welcomed. We will close with a short final meditation, often focusing on metta, or loving kindness.

Led by Claire Holden Rothman
10:30 - 12:00
September 14 - December 21 (no meditation on November 9) 2014

Dharma teachings are offered on a dana (donation) basis, to cover rental costs and to support the livelihood of the meditation leader.
Resuming Wednesday, September 17th 2014
Wednesdays 7:00-8:15

Warmups in the park, weather permitting

1. Who needs coffee. Energy boost from deep breathing lasts all day.
2."wow, I already did yoga today, I’m awesome."
3. you will have more chance of staying peaceful all day long
4. you will look younger, eyes brighter, skin glowing, stronger immunity
5. you can eat more that day, inc. metabolic rate
6. build a healthy consistent self care routine; better odds starting early
7. Regulates your sleep rhythm
Yoga on the Park - EVERYONE CAN//CHAIR YOGA 

A full benefit yoga experience for all ages, all shapes, all sizes. A safe, energizing class for those who have joint injury, are  recovering from illness, or simply want a gentle class.   Find the energy for all your activities! Increase your capacity for a freer more vibrant life! 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:15-12:30pm
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Upcoming Events

  NURTURING JOY - A dharma talk and meditation practice

Yoga on the ParkWe will see together how joy is essential on the path to freedom. We will explore its different manifestations, try to find how we can invite it in to create the best conditions for it to grow. How can joy help us live our lives and make our practice rich and sustainable.

With Pascal Auclair

Wednesday September 24 3:30-5:00
By donation (dana) generosity offerings to support the livelihood of the teacher.

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Yoga on the Park - Country Retreat Yoga and Insight Meditation

Our popular annual retreat. Drawing upon the beauty of the natural setting this is an opportunity for you to go inward, spend reflective time with yourself, and connect with your center of insight and intuition. Yoga twice a day and instruction in Insight Meditation.  Nourishing vegetarian meals. In Sutton Qc.
With Joanne Gormley and Joanne Ransom

Oct. 3-5 2014 from $380 plus taxes
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  3 Restorative Yoga Sundays
Yoga on the Park

Transform the Blahs into Bliss with Restorative Yoga. Deep rest and deep breathing counteract the effects of stress to the immune system with yoga poses that are completely supported with blankets , bolsters and cushions.Come and enjoy a nourishing afternoon of deep relaxation. No previous experience necessary.

All Welcome.
With Joanne Ransom

3 Sundays: October 19, November 16 and December 14 2014
2:00-4:00 PM $35. each or $90. for all 3

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Create a Home Yoga Practice

Yoga on the Park - Country Retreat Yoga and Insight Meditation

What does it take to dedicate time during your week to care for your body and to answer your inner need for ease and wholeness?

This workshop is designed:
- to inspire you
- to help you find what resources are available
- learn sequences that work for you.
- Get the support you want !

Bring a notebook and your enthusiasm!

Sunday November 30 1:00-4:00 $65
With Joanne Gormley
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  Dissatisfaction: The Great Door to the HEART - A dharma talk and meditation practice

Yoga on the ParkHow can the experience of being separated from what we want, a little or a lot, be the portal to the vastness of the heart and unconditional freedom? That seems to have been the Buddha’s great liberating insight and the path he invited us on. Let’s step in and inquire together.

With Pascal Auclair

Wednesday December 10 3:30-5:00
By donation (dana) generosity offerings to support the livelihood of the teacher.

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Back again for 2015

Starts the week of January 5th, stay tuned!!

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