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We consciously contribute the benefits
of our collective practices to the well being
and evolution of our planet. Namaste
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Sunday November 25 1:00– 4:00 pm $65
at Yoga on the Park with Joanne Gormley

One of best things you can do to relieve the stress in your life and ease mental tension is to learn to breathe in a relaxed, deep and satisfying way. Free your breath of tightness and contraction and you will begin to return to a natural state free from exhausting tension.

In the workshop we will learn basic yogic breathing techniques to help you

  • learn to relax
  • lessen anxiety
  • get a better night’s sleep
  • improve your yoga practice

Revitalizing for anyone who simply wants to learn to breathe fully and deeply.

Leave with a 10 minute program for home practice.

Joanne Gormley has offered this simple yet effective program over the last 10 years to countless participants who have benefitted from her guidance and coaching in improving the way they breathe.

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