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We consciously contribute the benefits
of our collective practices to the well being
and evolution of our planet. Namaste
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       Oct. 2-4 2015
Joanne Ransom and Joanne Gormley, co-founders and directors of Yoga on the Park share an enthusiasm for conscious living and a devotion to bringing the practices of yoga and meditation into daily life.

The ability to examine our lives, to sit intimately with ourselves and allow our true nature to reveal itself is a noble capacity that can be cultivated. The ability to bring a kind attention to our thoughts, feelings and actions opens the gateway to a loving presence within as a deep trust of ourselves begins to evolve.

Throughout the weekend we will cultivate the practices of awareness and self inquiry through seated and walking meditation. We begin Friday evening at 7 with a light dinner, followed by introductions, everything you'll need to know for the weekend, a few stretches, the beginning of the silence and our first sitting. There will be daily instruction, questions and discussion. Each morning begins with yoga to awaken our sensitivity to our bodies, the temple of wisdom and compassion. Saturday afternoon we will rest deeply with restorative yoga and relaxation.

The weekend is conducted in social silence which heightens our sense of awareness. Silence is a great magnetic force which pulls us into a sea of tranquility. Silence can heal, lead us to experience our wholeness and the joy of living in the moment.

While sacred silence holds the group, our opening and closing sharing sessions create the safe communal space in which to practice together. We end with lunch, the silence broken, mid day on Sunday.

Our process will be supported by the beauty and tranquility of nature and nutritious home cooked vegetarian meals.

The setting is in Sutton Quebec, a retreat centre outside the village with lovely spacious views of forest and mountains. A pond, mountain brook, small orchard all add to the richness and peace of this rural setting. All participants are housed in rustic semi-private rooms. The cost for the weekend is from $385 plus taxes. Car pooling available.

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Yoga on the Park - Country Retreat
Yoga on the Park - Country Retreat
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