Yoga on the Park

We consciously contribute the benefits
of our collective practices to the well being
and evolution of our planet. Namaste
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Of Special Interest

Stephen Cope, psychologist , yoga teacher , and Kripalu's
scholar in residence, The Wisdom of Yoga has been called a page turning
commentary on the yoga sutras. A must read for all.
A current favorite at the studio is Kerala Dream, a compilation of various
artists put together by Craig Kohland & Rera Avis in association with Shiva
Rea, who has a great ear for music. What we love about it is that it is good
from beginning to end to practice yoga to, including soft soulful openers
and really deep music for relaxation at the end. It's music that takes you
inward-to the heart of India and of yourself.

The Spirit of Yoga by Ben Leinbach is a collection of beautiful music for relaxation and meditation.

We offer many items of interest to yoga practitioners.

Instructional and relaxing CDs and cassettes including the latest music cd and yoga practice DVD by Shiva Rea




A large selection of books

Meditation cushions,
bolster cushions,
Yoga mats, carry bags,
straps and blocks,
and more...


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